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academic cv

March '19

Thomas Erslev

historian of medical science

Current activities

2015 - Present

PhD Fellow / Aarhus University

My PhD project investigates the history and current status of a Danish brain bank holding 9.479 brains from psychiatric patients collected between 1945 and ’82. I investigate the collection’s history through plural perspectives: as a scientific resource, as a bioethical problem, as a workplace, as a public phenomenon, etc.

2015 - Present

Editorial Board Member / Slagmark

I am editor and finance manager of Slagmark, a Danish peer-reviewed journal for the history of ideas and related subjects. I was special theme editor of issue #78 (2019) dedicated to Materiality in the Life Sciences. Click here for English abstracts.


2018 January - March

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow / Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

I joined Lorraine Daston’s Sciences of the Archive Working Group with a view towards a better understanding of how human brain collections can be conceptualized as archives, and what it means to do so, both historiographically, theoretically, and for the implicated historical actors.

Since 2014

Teaching / Aarhus University

I have taught BA and MA courses in history of science & medicine, historiography & methodology, medical ethics, and philosophy of science at Aarhus University. I have taken a number of courses on pedagogy in higher education, and enjoy continuously improving my teaching performance.

2014 - 2018

Editor /

I have edited and written popular history texts for the Danish online magazine which aims to broaden popular access to intellectual history, history of science, and the humanities in general.



MA / Intellectual History / Aarhus University, Denmark


MSc / History of Science, Technology and Medicine / University of Manchester, UK


BA / History of Ideas and Comparative Literature / Aarhus University, Denmark

Press appearances


Text media


Frank, L. Sæt hjerner i banken. Weekendavisen, p. 1.


Writing and editing

I write well-structured, readable texts in Danish and English, attentively directed to the target audience. I am able to improve the structure of most texts and bring forward the key argument. I work to a deadline.

Public speaking

I confidently convey complex topics in an engaging and understandable way to most audiences. When presenting, I make thoughtful use of visual and digital aids, and I always invite and enjoy open discussion.

Project management

Having spent considerable time planning and administrating my own projects, I have less experience overseeing the work of others. However, through Slagmark and Baggrund I have learnt many valuable lessons on good management and accountancy.