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Thomas Erslev

ORCID: 0000-0003-1655-6356
Institutional profile: Aarhus University
Twitter: @Therslev

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Hi! I’m Thomas Erslev, an historian of science and medicine. On this page is my contact info and a few words about who I am. In the menu above are links to my academic CV, my list of publications, and my poems.

Currently I am pursuing a doctoral degree at Aarhus University with a project on the recent history of brain banking and bioethics in a Danish context. My thesis is to be submitted November 2019. I am on the editorial board of Slagmark, the Danish journal for the history of ideas and science. I would love to hear from you regarding possible collaborations in the histories of medical science and technology, of bioethics, historical epistemology, and STS. I give public talks in Danish and English about collecting and archiving the body, as well as the ethical controversies attendant on such practices. I love writing popular texts (like Baggrunds Kabinet), and haiku/senryu poems. The first I find is a good way to process new knowledge and convince myself that I am making progress. The latter is a hobby to relax my mind and allow myself to think of things not related to my research.

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5 days ago
Temaredaktører @Therslev og @cbasseeriksen introducerer til Slagmark #78: Livsvidenskabernes materialitet https://t.co/ZBZ074Am6y Therslev photo
5 days ago
Kom til reception for nummer 78 i dag kl. 15:30 på sjette sal i Nobelparken!
3 weeks ago
Finally our special issue on “Materiality in the Life Sciences” has come from press! Full of brilliant contributions, I hope it will introduce many Danish readers to questions of matter and life, as well as #histSTM more generally. https://t.co/pBhGplUEqO
3 weeks ago
Now hiring! https://t.co/TMTTjMTYT1 come play with us in our new project on the intellectual history of global inequality, 1960-2015 #dff #sapereaude #globalinquality #inequality #intellectualhistory #historyogideas
2 months ago
📣 NYT CALL FOR PAPERS! Slagmark #80: Følelseshistorie | Artikler modtages på dansk, svensk og norsk. Deadline 1. maj 2019 #CFP #CallforPapers #dkvid #dkforsk #twitterstorians https://t.co/T8mwWQC953
3 months ago
Jeg og @cbasseeriksen er ved at lægge sidste hånd på vores temanummer om livsvidenskabernes materialitet. Vi har fået nogle rigtig stærke bidrag, og jeg glæder mig helt vildt til udgivelsen! https://t.co/JuQ87eRoCJ
Therslev photo
Slagmark @Slagmark_dk
Efterårsnummeret om livsvidenskabernes materialitet er forsinket, men vi arbjeder hårdt og lover det bliver ventetiden værd! Til de utålmodige er her indholdet i temasektionen. Følg os for mere info. https://t.co/IU9xQj7vdb